Real Estate Marketing in Turkey
Real Estate Marketing in Turkey

The real estate marketing in Turkey is a science that examines the needs and desires of current and future customers in real estate ownership, where we - in ESG Real Estate - work to achieve the appropriate profit for the company, and this comes through research and surveying customer requirements, and aligning with their specific budgets for real estate investment.

The first concern of ESG Real Estate is to study and scrutinize every project we are marketing, based on the project site and make sure it is completely completed, and its value as an investment opportunity, reliability of the purchase, and the appropriate price according to the customer segment.

We consider that gaining customer trust is a major challenge, which we have accepted to pursue, based on our principles and values of honesty and transparency.

We also measure the success of our company in real estate marketing through the number and satisfaction of customers, not through the volume of profits, where we are working to open channels of communication between us and our current and prospective customers to know and understand their wishes and the mechanism to fulfill them, and assigning a special account manager to each client to facilitate communication.

Qualifications must be available in the real estate agent in Turkey

We have adopted a number of criteria that we were keen to that every real estate marketer have them within the ESG Real Estate, including:

To be eager to work permanently

To be honest and with high morals.

Have a high sense of responsibility, and be trusted by everyone.

Be able to listen, remember and follow instructions carefully.

Be logical and have the ability to judge things in a better way.

To have a positive attitude and enthusiasm to complete the work quickly and accurately.

Ability to pay attention to detail.

Classification of real estate

A real estate company may work in one or all of the following areas:

Residential real estate (apartments, villas, houses).

Commercial real estate (shops, malls, administrative buildings, offices).

Industrial real estate (factories, warehouses).

Agricultural real estate (land, farms, orchards).

Special purpose real estate (mosques, hospitals, schools).

We in ESG Real Estate seek to meet the client's requests in each of these categories, but at the same time, we separate completely between marketing and selling.

We consider selling as a real estate marketing job, which also includes choosing the right property for the clients' desire and budget, real estate consultancy, and after-sales services such as property management. We also aspire to study real estate projects based on the wishes of our customers.


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